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BMK is a company specialized in the marketing and distribution of chemicals products.

BMK also operates in other markets of North Africa, including Algeria and Libya market.

Thanks to its position on the domestic market and its experience in international trade, BMK has continued to improve its market share and ensure its growth and expansion

As such, BMK has gradually expanded its range of products.

BMK allows to offer a wide range of products in the fields of paint, varnishes, inks and resins, it now operates in other areas of chemistry including:


• Cosmetic

• Insulation and sealing

• Oil drilling

• Detergents / soaps


In its strategic development plan, BMK has set the following objectives:

• Expanding its market share in Tunisia and other North African markets.

• Enter new markets.

• Expanding its range of benefit products.

Through its network of relationships and partnerships with global industrial leaders in the field of chemistry, BMK is able to offer high quality services including:

• Provide high quality products to the chemical industry.

• Ensure, through our technical department and our suppliers, after-sales service, traceability and technical assistance for the development and improvement of our products to our customers.

• Ensure technical intelligence for the benefit of our customers and support them in their research.

• Ensure good service delivery with very limited time available products in our stock.


The advantages of BMK:

 • Our Values:

BMK gives high priority to ethics and values in business.

This translates into the following commitments:

- The commitments made

- Get up to the trust of its partners (customers / suppliers)

- Transparency at all stages of business operations and the relationships with all stakeholders.

- Respect meticulous regulation

- Development of human resources

• More than 1000 items in our product range

• Personalized treatment and computerized management of all your orders


 • Assistance and advice: Our experts are at your service and make you benefit from their experience to improve your production.

• Our mission is the commitment of our entire group, so you can meet the demands of the future.

• Our Focus is to help you find the best solutions to your production.

 • Hence our slogan: Your partner … Today and Tomorrow

 Our motto: BMK is the house has always trust…


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